FAQ - Frequently asked questions

1. Which VOIP Provider can I use?

Feel free! You can use any VOIP Provider who supports SIP or IAX2.

2. In which languages is WiFone available?

English, German, Spanish, French and Russian

3. Does Wifone work through a Wifi and 3G/UMTS Connection?

Yes, the current version is working in a 3g/UMTS network.

4. Is Wifone using a Proxy server like Fring?

No, you are directly connected with your Provider.

5. Is there any delay or echo during the call?

No, our staff worked hard for Wifone. There is no delay, no echo at all.

6. Why should I use more than one Provider?

E.g. Provider B is cheaper than Provider A to call US. In this case you can set Provider B as default.

7. I have no VOIP Provider at the moment can you recommend a Provider for me?

There are hundreds of VOIP Providers, we suggest Voipcheap.com, smsdiscount.com, sipgate.de.

8. What are the settings?

You just have to enter your username, password and the sipdomain. That's it! In a perfect world you don't need a Stun server.

9. How can I use my verified caller id using betamax accounts such as poivy.com or voipstunt.com?

Simply go to accounts and edit the account you wish to use youre caller id with. Now tab edit and enter in the field auth username youre betamax username. In username enter the verified number such as you have verified it through betamax software

10. How can I choose the account to dial from, if several IAX and SIP accounts are connected?

If you dial from youre contacts you will be automatically asked which account you would like to use to dial out. If you enter a number manually you can press the IAX or SIP calling button for 1 second and then you will get the posibility to call through the account of youre choice

11. How do I know through which account I am calling, if I have several accounts set up?

If you tab on SIP or IAX without holding the button, youre call will be directly executed using the first account in the list of accounts

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